7.9.9 Version


  • Group by "Author" in Kanban board. Currently it has a limitation up to 50 columns.
  • Antivirus scans each file the user is trying to upload to the system and prevent uploading if it's infected.
  • SVG files are restricted to be uploaded due to safety reasons


  • While mass edit is being applied, it shows the progress in the bottom near "Submit" button and also blocks the interface to prevent any changes during mass edit.
  • Moved activation email when user created to the trigger. Now, you might see the new trigger created "[Default] [Notifications] New user created". It gives admins additional flexibility to decide who to notify and who to not notify automatically/
  • Now we cut empty lines before sending comments in tickets and messages in chats before the first and the last text symbol to make sure you don't send empty lines to the recipient. 
  • "Login As" is added to Mozilla FireFox.
  • "Send & Close" button is available in Languages for translation.
  • Show (*) asterisk in chat bot next to fields names to show mandatory/optional fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Mass edit successfully create comments via direct messages, macros
  • Fixed "Not seen" icon
  • Timezone offset. Now if users have different zone from system one, they see in its own time zone rather
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