7.9.8 Version


  • Adaptive design in Beta. It adapts to your device's screen size, providing a consistent and user-friendly experience.
  • "Send & Close" button is hidden under submit dropdown on object's view. By clicking that it will add a comment or a note, and change the status to "Completed".
  • "Updated ticket" - new Zap Trigger! We replicated our trigger event "Object is Updated" for a greater flexibility
  • Added action "Lock Replies" to Macros


  • User's fields have been added to export
  • Ticket's view and ticket's creation view have now exact line height
  • Now it's forbidden to upload any type of file apart from commonly known for pictures to submit a ticket
  • Long Knowledge base article titles show full title value by mouse hovering
  • SLA titles appear faster on mouse hovering
  • JustCall call recording attached, once ticket is created in Onsite
  • We have renamed multiple terms in the interface to simplify its understanding:
    • We got rid of "Forum". Forum and Community meant the same, so we left only "Community"
    • "Community Portal" to "Customer Portal" to better differentiate both.
    • Within business hours → "Agents online" in trigger's conditions and widget settings
    • Non-business hours → "Agents offline" in trigger's conditions and widget settings
    • We had "Object State: Open or Closed" in Statuses page vs "State: Active or Completed" in trigger's and report's page meant the same, so we left with "Active or Completed"

Bug Fixes

  • Comment's time considering both timezones preferred one in the user's profile as well as system's one.
  • No longer required "Submit" action after uploading the file to the article.
  • The task with more than 1 line added to the ticket no longer needs refreshing the page to be expanded
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