Agents Interface & Navigation

Agents Interface is designed for support agents and administrators to manage content and community easier.  You can get to any object in the system, have system overview and go to Administration area.

Only users with Admin and Agent permissions can see this interface

You are automatically redirected to agents interface on login. But once you enter the community home screen, you can access to it manually from top bar right to the Dashboard, Requests or notifications.

If you want users to have access to specific location in the system, please define top tabs in Administration » Interface » Home Screen.

For Support Agents

There are several options available depending on features that you use in UseResponse:

  • Manage - quick navigation to any type of object in the system with ability to add topic/ticket/announcement/article or FAQ. There is also option to access frontend of your community portal, check your system Activity Log or add External Scripts for both agents interface and community portal.
  • Dashboard - overview of all objects that requires agents attention. Topics/Tickets that require reply or waiting for reply with basic statistics and access to reports on click. Track your assignments, recent activity, notifications on internal notes. Dashboard is customized with widgets from the top left navigation.  
  • Requests - each agent can have the list of custom queues and filters to save and use in future. All global predefined reports are also available at this link. This is the main area of the system where you would manage content;
  • Analytics - extended information about your team performance and support health;
  • Notifications - access to all notifications from the system. You can receive either email notifications or just get them only in the system. The notifications are updated without page refresh.

For Administrators

Administrators have two extra options available:

  • UseResponse Help - section where you can get access and use quick search to find the answer about UseResponse right inside your system + submit ticket or share feed with UseResponse team;
  • Administration - get to system settings, check company updates or manage your subscription, use quick tools to clean cache, make backup and rebuild indexes.
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