Lock Replies for Other Agents

UseResponse provides the ability to turn off replies on specific ticket, topic and chat conversation temporarily for other agents both in desktop and mobile version.

Lock Replies feature improves collaborative team work and could be useful in the following cases:

  • When you want to avoid conflicts in simultaneous work / replies of several agents in the same request;
  • If you want to let other agents know that someone already took the request and was working on it so others don't spend time on it.

How to Lock Replies

If you want to avoid agent collision and lock replies in order to interact with a ticket on your own, there are several ways to do it manually on the full object page - Lock icon or relative item under object options:

Objects can also be locked automatically if you enable Autolock Messages setting in Administration » System » General. By default it's switched off.

With autolock enabled when agent starts writing a public message in a chat or a ticket with minimum 3 characters, the object will be locked for other public replies automatically.

Note: even if public comments are locked, agents can send private notes to each other

When object is locked by another member of your support team, you can view it directly on the object page with red lock icon and relative message.

Unlock Messages

There are several cases in which public messages will be unlocked. If agent who works on the object unlocks them manually, closes browser tab, submits new comment or not performing any actions during 1 minute.

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