Notification Center for Support Agents

All support agents can get notified via email with setup  Automation Rules in Administration. But there is also a centralized place to get notified not just in the backend without a page refresh, but also get push notifications right from your browser.

Manage Notifications

Once the support agent should receive a notification based on subscription on topic or ticket, reminder, assignment, it appears in the notification center area next to the bell icon with related action icon and time added.

All the latest notifications are located at the top of the list. You can filter to display only new notifications from the top select.

In order to read notification, click the dot, so that all notifications related to the object would automatically be marked as read.

If you want to get to the objects from one notification to another, just click them so the popup won't be closed and you can go within the working queue.

Notification Center Settings

All agents have notification center switched on by default with options to switch on and off sounds in browser.

By default, all agents get notifications both via email and in system backend. Any support agent can use only one channel of notifications delivery by going to settings in notification center popup.

Push Notifications in Browser

The best option to be notified in Windows, MacOS, Linux or Phone would be using built-in subscription in your favorite browser. Web Push notification will work in Firefox and Chrome.

Once you open agents interface, the system would ask you to accept notifications from this website. If you accept it, notification center would send you all support requests, reminders directly to your browser even if backend is not within active tabs. 

To manage your notifications in chrome, please use the following article

Browser Background Mode

If you want to get notified in the system when your browser is closed, you need to set up to work service in the background on both desktop and phone platforms.

Web Push notifications will work only via https with valid SSL, so make sure you have installed SSL certificate

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