Setup System as Ideas Bank

You've started UseResponse instance and need to organize community to gather customer ideas.

This guide will walk you through how to set up UseResponse feedback portal step by step.

1. Getting Started

Feedback board is the main platform where customers interact with each other, share their ideas and vote for existing suggestions. To get started, you can configure basic settings for feedback portal in Administration » Community Portal:

  • Make your community private and grant access to it only for internal team or a set of external clients;
  • Enable moderation option if you want to review new feedback (ideas, comments, replies) shared in the community before it becomes public;
  • Allow users to report abuse and flag inappropriate content.

More details about smart moderation feature could be found here.

UseResponse provides opportunity to gather different types of feedback like ideas, problems and questions. If you want to capture only user ideas, you need to disable other types. In this case every request submitted in your feedback center will be saved as idea. To activate required feedback types please go to Administration » System » General where you can also:

  • Switch on attachments for ideas;
  • Specify the number of topics displayed per page in the topic list and under user profile on the frontend;
  • Enable autolock option if you want to avoid agent collision and lock replies for a certain topic in the backend if support agent starts writing public reply in it.

Find in our Knowledge Base how to improve collaborative team work with Lock Replies feature.

UseResponse provides default outgoing mailbox to send notifications from the system. If you want to use your own email address to post replies in ideas, you need to add it in Administration » Email » General, setup forwarder, add SPF record for proper mail delivery, verify new mailbox and make it a default one. Here is detailed information how to configure mailboxes.

If you build public feedback portal, then all published ideas will be accessible for any visitor of your forum. When visitor tries to add new idea, he will be forced to enter login credentials. If you want to override default system behavior and accept anonymous feedback, please go to Administration » System » Feedback and enable the feature. There are advanced feedback options that could be useful for company workflow:

  • Ability to activate account when user submits feedback form and state his email. By the way you can make email field a required one in Administration » Fields & Properties;
  • Accept anonymous votes if you don't want users to register in the system;
  • Automation subscription by voting for idea.

Please refer to the article to understand voting system in UseResponse better.

You may want to collect user feedback avoiding routine authentication and extra redirects to your ideas forum. Integrate feedback widget on any place of your website or application and capture ideas quickly. Your customers wouldn't need to search for a dedicated platform to share their feedback.

With UseResponse you can add as many widget profiles as you need and place them in different locations of the site. Here are more details how to customize feedback widget and integrate it into your product.

2. Forum Workflow

There are use cases, when you want to organize 2 boards: a private one and a public one. You can create several community portals in Administration » Community Portal and define specific settings for each of them along with forum access in Administration » Roles & Groups by editing role with access to specific forum. Check this article to understand how to build multiple communities or boards.

  • Group ideas within a forum by products, your app settings or other categories in Administration » Categories. If you want more grouping options or need additional fields to build custom feedback form go to Administration » Fields & Properties;
  • Users can track progress of idea implementation with statuses that can be managed in Administration » Statuses;
  • In Administration » Automation & Notifications set up automation rules for any workflow in the community. For example you can build triggers to protect your feedback portal from abuse and inappropriate content.

3. Portal Customization

Solution provides variety of features to make your product forums work your way in styles, ui, etc.

4. Import Users and Sign In Options

  • Use built-in importing feature to get users on board from web application, CRM or third-party systems;
  • Specify the ways your customers log in UseResponse instance: it could be native login, Single Sign-On or both options.

In order to make your forum more comfortable for visitors, you can share several ideas in the community on your behalf. We recommend to submit feature requests you are planning or considering for implementation. This way you'll inspire your users to share their thoughts and vote for other ideas.

Now you're ready to start collecting feedback from your customers.

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