How to create banned word list?

In order to prevent your community from topics, tickets or comments with banned words, you can create automation rules to ignore such objects.

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Administration » Automation & Notifications;
  2. Click "New Trigger" button - by default "Object Created" event is selected. Or you can set "Chat:Incoming Message";
  3. Enter the rule title;
  4. Click "Add Condition" and specify ban words separately for "Object: Body/Details" and "Object: Subject" conditions. For chats, choose "Message" option in conditions. Don't forget to select "Match Any" option;
  5. Choose "Ignore" in actions.

Thus objects including ban words in their title or description wouldn't be created in the system.

You can create a similar automation rule for the "Comment is Created" event.

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