Basic System Appearance & Identity Settings

There are some features offered by UseResponse in order to change basic appearance of your system without any specific knowledge.

Title and Company Logos

When you start using your system, you need to give the name of your community or support center that can be done in Administration » Community Portal or Administration » Interface. 

On "Identity" tab you should upload all your company logos for different areas of your system.

  • Custom Domain (Cloud Plan Only) - specify domain name to use custom URL for your support center in Administration » System » General;
  • Community Logo - the logo that is displayed in the header and email templates. By default, no logo is shown;
  • Login Page Logo - if you have closed system for public access, or if you use separate login page accessed at /login;
  • Favicon;

Community name and logo are not shown for registered agents and administrators.

You can also remove footer logo with paid option - "Branding Removal" that you can purchase anytime from your account or from Administration » Interface » Identity.

Email Notifications

By default, all email notifications will go from the name, that you've used while creating your community. Most likely it should be title of your system. But you can change "From" field anytime for all notifications in Administration » System » Help Desk.

Please read more details  how to change email templates to insert any required custom information in notifications.

Interface Settings

UseResponse offers desktop and mobile versions of interface. If you want to turn on/off mobile interface, please go to Administration » Interface.

You can switch to Desktop version from mobile interface.

Extended Appearance Features

Self-hosted version offers extended features in customizing appearance of UseResponse interface with the help of themes to match your company website.  This option requires specific knowledge in making your branded interface.

Cloud Version

You can add custom css, js, images and override header and footer templates in Administration » Interface.

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