5.1.6 Version


  • Canned Responses: added the ability to attach files into predefined answers;
  • Analytics: the feature can be activated both for dev and prod UseResponse instance (On-Premise plan);
  • Jira integration: added the option to display Jira ID in a custom request field automatically if UseResponse request was moved or linked with Jira issue (Enterprise plan);
  • Users' Management: redesigned filter options and added the action bar in the user profile of the agent interface;
  • Notifications: now the author of the ticket created via API and community portal can be notified with auto-reply.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the incoming mailbox connection in the self-hosted UseResponse environment;
  • "All Users" metric on Users page was calculated incorrectly;
  • Fixed UI defects in the statistics timelines of articles;
  • Fixed issue with a broken link in a chat conversation in case the link had umlauts;
  • Empty "Similar Topics" widget was displayed on a newly created ticket page in the user interface;
  • Fixed issue related to wrong metrics on Dashboard which also included the tasks assigned to the agents;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue with creating a new topic;
  • Mobile UI: fixed defect when the agent sent a note in a chat conversation;
  • Fixed minor issues with broken umlauts in triggers' conditions and search results in a sharing list;
  • The column with a deleted field was displayed in object reports.

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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