Subscribe Users to New Feedback via RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) provides the possibility for users to keep track of the activity in the environment, they are interested in.

UseResponse gives users the ability to simply subscribe to the RSS feed and then read the updates in all topics, announcements or even in a particular topic category. Using RSS can greatly simplify how you get the content you are interested in.

Feed Readers

To subscribe to RSS feeds in your forum, you need to use news readers or some sort of RSS aggregators. Some of them can be downloaded for free, some of them with more features will be chargeable. 

Here are the most popular ones:

These applications allow you to aggregate all your feeds from different resources in one interface and get notified.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds 

Once you have a reader installed on your PC or Mac, you would need to subscribe to topics or announcements by clicking the RSS icon. Here are several options you have:

  • Subscribe to updates right from home screen of the forum by clicking on RSS where you see topics list or inside Share block;
  • Subscribe to new news and announcements in the community by clicking the RSS icon on the page with all announcements;
  • Get notified via RSS on a specific topic page;
  • Categories / Products updates: in the topics' list, select the category in the filter and click the RSS icon. You would get updates just on that feedback category.

If the RSS reader doesn't catch your RSS subscription, just copy the URL from the address bar and paste it in new RSS feed.

Once you add the feed you'll be notified both in your feed reader and via email (depends on your aggregator) about all updates in the forum.

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