How to manage objects in the queue one by one easily?

There is an option to work on the requests one by one in the displayed report of Requests area in agents interface.

Please navigate to Requests section from the left panel and choose the report you need to work with at the moment.

Then click "Work" button and you'll see the full page of the first object in the report. You can leave a comment/internal note or edit one of the fields in it and click Submit. There are additional options next to "Submit" button that could be helpful for you to handle all the requests:

  • Submit & Close - returns to the list of objects in the queue;
  • Submit & Stay - leaves you on the same page you applied the changes;
  • Submit & Next in Queue - moves you to the next object in the report.

While working with requests, you can use queue buttons in the header of object page to navigate to the next/previous pages in the report.

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