Sent Replies from Different Mailboxes

You might have multiple mailboxes under one UseResponse account and can organize email workflow between different departments or support multiple products (brands) with these different support addresses.

By default agent's reply will come from a specific email address a request was sent to. Sometimes customers submit their requests to the wrong address, e.g. questions on pricing and billing can be sent to support address. In this case you would need to send the answers from the appropriate mailbox.

There are 2 ways how you can configure such behavior in UseResponse:

  • In Administration » Roles & Groups » Groups edit a group and apply one of the mailboxes for it that will be used by default. In other words you need to assign the ticket to a certain department which is responsible for managing user request and reply will come from group's address;

The option to set default mailbox for agent's group is available in Enterprise plan.

  • In Administration » Automation & Notifications create a trigger to send notifications using actions and selecting specific mailbox the notification would be sent from based on specific conditions.

Find more details in our knowledge base how triggers work. Please keep in mind that trigger would have higher priority over group settings.

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