Enterprise Package for Cloud / Self-Hosted

Apart from the core features and platforms in Cloud / Self-Hosted plan like feedback, ticketing system, knowledge base, live chat, moderation, you can extend your system with addons that will bring new features on board by upgrading to Enterprise package.

On trial account activation, you get access to all extra features except for "White label". 

On trial expiration or when you purchase your first support agent, all enterprise addons are automatically switched off. When the subscription expires, all your settings are dropped to default system state and reverted back from the backup once you renew the subscription.

Details about available addons could be found on Pricing page


This feature allows you to organize several forums for different teams in the company, separate products or multilingual platforms. You can create several communities and customize home screen and widget for each of the community.

Multilingual Knowledge Base

In order to use multilingual knowledge base, you would need to create a forum for each language you plan to use. Assign article to the specific forum and connect articles between each other so users can switch from one language to another. More details could be found in  multilingual support guide

Tickets Visibility

Distribute visibility of tickets among your teams, company divisions, departments or your company workflow and setup automation rules based on which, these teams would handle tickets. 

Visibility is handled by groups in Administration » Roles & Groups » Groups, so each group can see specific area of the system based on the submitted tickets which can also be assigned to the groups. The options of visibility in the backend include:

  • No Access
  • Where Responsible
  • In the Group
  • In the Group + No Group
  • All Tickets

SLA Management

SLA rules help you prioritize one customer over others by providing him quicker support and set your support agents targets on ticket resolution or reply time.

Create several SLA rules and assign them to users or companies. Default SLA rule is assigned to all users if other is not specified.

You can also use SLA timing in Reports section to show if you are within SLA or not.

Branding Removal

Remove our company logos from the bottom of every page of your website and from all email notifications in the system.

Single Sign-on LDAP / SAML

When you require more extended method than  One Login method that we provide by default, you can use either LDAPSAML or specific instructions for SAML with ADFS to authenticate your company users from other applications in UseResponse.

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