Getting Feedback Right in Intercom Messenger

UseResponse provides ability to get feedback from your customers right from Intercom messenger.

Feedback button appears on home screen of intercom messenger and customer just submits feedback form right inside widget. Customer will require to enter their email in order to submit it.

How to Install UseResponse App in Intercom?

By default you don't need to do anything inside UseResponse in order for this feature to work, but you will need to perform following steps to add "Share Feedback" button to Intercom messenger:

  1.  Go to Messenger section of your intercom account;
  2. Select "Add Messenger home apps"
  3. Click on "Add an app" and search for "UseResponse Feedback" application;
  4. Enter Site URL of your UseResponse installation and click on "Configure" button
  5. Make the same actions by switching to "Users" tab;
  6. Then Save and set it live to see in the widget.

Now you have Share Feedback button on home screen of your Intercom messenger.

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