Most Secure & Stable UseResponse 3.4.x - Plans for Summer 2016

Stas Kuzma shared this announcement 3 years ago

There are many great things happened with our solution for the past 4 months that we should definitely need to share with community along with our further plans for summer 2016.

If you are still not sure what to do first when you've created trial account or purchased self-hosted, use our Getting Started Guide.

Best Features Introduced in 3.4.x Release

We haven't covered our best things we've done for almost half a year. It's time to mention them before we move on:

  • Set Reminders for Internal Notes are very handy when you want to schedule notification for yourself or your partner to ping your client or check something later.
  • External Widgets - we have added Knowledge Base widget and 3 more modes to implement any widget right inside your page, as a popup window or full screen over your page.
  • SAML as SSO - one more method of integration authentication with your own user base.
  • Due Date and Time for Tickets - this is the best part, when you can set due date and time for any ticket or topic in the system for responsible person to get notification. Just use custom date field in Administration - Properties for specific object type and set reminder option. You can create tasks and use UseResponse as bug tracking, tasks management system.

Summer 2016 Plans

While summer is considered to be vacation season, our team would focus on UseResponse 4.0 launch and what you can expect from it before it's going to be announced:

  • New interface for agents to manage objects more conveniently;
  • Full automation of the processes;
  • New Live Chat  - specifically for that we build new startup that can't be currently disclosed, but it would be different from all competitors on the market that offer live chat services to support customers;
  • UseResponse Worlds - provide support to customers from several communities within one agent interface.

It's still work in progress and we need to make significant changes in the core and user interface to make UseResponse even more flexible, user friendly, that would help set it up with step-by-step instructions and tutorials, but it"s worth waiting for it to get live by the end of the summer 2016,

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Summer is over and we are releasing UseResponse 3.4.5 which is the last release in 3.x line.

Next week we would send invitations for 4.0 beta test to limited number of our current clients.