Finalization of 6.x Release Line

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This year we have launched major 6.0 version in March that we've already announced with global features like Chatbots, redesigned Administration area, User Segmentation and tons of Applications. Then focused our efforts on the system performance, UX, and bug-free version development as top priorities. 

As a result, we've added some helpful features, made the system more stable, and modified some parts of the interface to be more user-friendly. It took us more than 7 months to finalize the 6th line of our product by the end of the year.

Here are the major things that were improved or added:

  • New support channels - Google Play Store and Apple Store reviews. Available in Enterprise plan;
  • Full support of RTL language;
  • Rebuilt canned responses functionality;
  • Improved working with Messengers like Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp - about 20 improvements;
  • Added some actions in Chatbot like searching knowledge base and improved its statistics;
  • Improved working with Multi-Forums;
  • Extended feedback + contact forms by adding conditional fields and multi-step process of filling forms like in Chatbots;
  • Build a separate application to manage the Metadata of articles and feedback for more SEO flexibility.

These are only some of the things that our team worked on.

Plans for Targeting Enterprise Segment

2020 brought us more than 10 really big names among our customers, and in the new year, we are planning to be focusing more on the enterprise segment.

Why Are We Doing It?

The reason for that is simple: our solution covers more than 95% of use cases based on 500+ demo sessions in 2020. Moreover, if we don't cover any use case, we do custom development and cover the rest 5% that is missing for specific requirements. So in other words - our software is very feature-rich and customizable, which is mostly demanded by the enterprise segment and we want to continue working in that direction.

Also, we are proud to call UseResponse to be one of the most high-quality on-premise solutions of help desk software and feedback software on the market that works in companies with 100+ support agents.

Our team always tries to provide top-notch support, so we want to continue providing individual support to our customers but not spread efforts among thousands of small things.

How Will It Affect Pricing & Current Customers?

Most likely, we'll deprecate our Basic plans. No exact dates for that yet, but there will be only one Cloud or On-premise Enterprise plan.

Those customers that are currently on the Basic plan will continue using and renewing it using prices they previously paid (at least till spring 2021).

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