New Support Channels, Chatbots, UI in UseResponse 6.0

Maria Bozhko shared this announcement 4 years ago
UseResponse has extended its functionality and improved users management, chat automation, along with performance. Let's discover what are the features that will help you enhance the support workflow in your company.

It will bring productivity improvements, better automation in support and gives new features for medium and large teams, so here are the details

Users Segmentation & Organizing Teams 

Now all users can be grouped into Teams. You can organize users by companies or departments they belong to or any other parameter. Users of a team are assigned specific permissions. Moreover, you can override these rights for a particular member inside a team.

So instead of groups, roles, companies - now there only users and agents teams.

The detailed description of how to deal with teams you can check in Working with Teams & Permissions.

Creating Chatbot Scenarios

With the new 6.0 release, you will be able to build scenarios and launch chatbots in both chat widget and messengers (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Vk, Line). Now you can provide proactive support at any time of the day and reduce the load on your support department.

Users can instantly get answers to the most typical questions while going through the chatbot scenarios. If a user cannot get the required information, he will be connected to a support agent. 

More information you can find in our UseResponse Chatbots article.

Modified Administration Area & Applications

Administration settings panel has also been redesigned. Management of all support Channels is now located on one page. Now it's easier to navigate and enable/disable different functional parts of the system.

All parts of the system are now split into applications, that can be enabled and managed in one place - so if you want to turn specific feature or enable required integration in the system you can go to Applications page of your administration area. 

and much more...

  • WhatsApp Business Integration;
  • HubSpot Integration: tickets from UseResponse can be displayed as notes on the company page;
  • New Support Channel: Line messenger;
  • Performance: now UseResponse gets about 50% boost in performance of UI and on the server side.

All features and improvements can be found in our release notes

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