New Statistics & Mobile SDKs in 4.9.x

Stas K. shared this announcement 5 years ago

Since last update, we have launched 9 releases: big and small, but all of them include new features or improvements. And the best part of all this - we would give soon beta test of our new analytics section with key metrics to analyze, use, compare and build weekly reports. 

New Statistics for Your Feedback

New statistics section appeared for feedback and help desk solutions. It shows you information about basic metrics to each topic or ticket.


It's available from Options, when you are located in Agents Interface - Full Object Page.

Mobile SDKs - BETA

We have added support for iOS and Android SDKs for Help Desk, Live Chat and Knowledge base. 


Feedback system is upcoming. Available only for Enterprise customers. If you would like to use native mobile UI and SDK, let us know and we would provide you with access to internal knowledge base as it's still in beta.

New Integrations

We continue releasing new integrations with services. This time we have added:

Integrations are available only in Enterprise package.

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I would like to try the mobile SDK for the FeedBack system kindly provide me access to try it out.

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