How to Setup Messengers in Live Chat

Providing support is getting more automated recently and UseResponse makes it better to get your customers more happy by providing various channels of live chat support.

This article will guide you how to add bots and public accounts to provide support using UseResponse Live Chat solution in popular messengers.

In order to connect your live chat solution with various messengers, go to Administration » Live Chat.

Setup of messengers will require some time, and our support team will assist you if you experience any problems

Facebook Messenger Setup

First of all your need to create at least one public company page in your Facebook account. 

Once page is created on Live Chat settings page click on New Account at the top right. Select Facebook and authorize with the account that is administrator of your company facebook page. 

Once authorized, in the popup select that page and proceed. 

Now you would have the option for users on the frontend to choose Facebook Messenger as an option to write to your company support agents and once they reply in the UseResponse backend, users would get replies in their Facebook accounts.

Skype Setup

To add skype as your support channel, you need to create skype bot

  • Sign in with microsoft account and click on Register Bot.
  • Add company logo and other information. In Messaging Endpoint field you would need to enter the URL that is provided by UseResponse in popup while you add skype channel.
  • Then you would need to Create Microsoft App ID and password. Once created on skype end, add them in UseResponse popup but don't hit submit button. In skype bot window click on Back.
  • Complete registration of bot in skype bot window and only then submit the results on UseResponse end.

Now you have skype as an option in live chat widget where you have embedded it.

Telegram Setup

Telegram is the most promising messenger on the market. To add Telegram support you would need to create bot first. 

  • Open your Telegram on mobile device or web version and find BotFather contact;
  • In the contact type /newbot and answer the questions about name of the bot and bot slug;
  • Enter the slug that should end on bot. For example, useresponsebot;
  • Take provided token and add it in the popup window of UseResponse while adding telegram as support channel.

Viber Setup

Viber channel provides access to Viber account manager in order to create bot that will work with UseResponse. 

  • Go to Viber Bot Submitting page;
  • Create Viber Account Manager for your business phone and login;
  • Create bot and enter all credentials about your company, upload company logo, etc;
  • Once you complete viber profile, take Auth Key and enter it in UseResponse popup where you are adding Viber.

VK (Vkontakte) Setup

VK is russian based social network that allow customers to provide support in UseResponse using public VK page and embed it as a supported messenger.

  1. First of all you need to create public page at your account. Go to VK Groups and click on Create Community. At the pop, please enter official title and select it to be public page;
  2. On your public page click on Manage Community (page settings) - Messages - Enable Messages - Save it.
  3. In UseResponse add VK as channel on Live Chat page. In the popup click on connect VK page. Confirm permissions and click Submit and again it would ask you for permissions that you need to confirm.

Now you can use official VK messenger in your widget as an option.

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