2.0.2 Version

Tweaks / Improvements

  • API: Final release that was in beta before. See online API documentation;
  • Improved Performance on pagination. Added some indexes in database;
  • Complete HTTPS support if UseResponse is installed using only secure connection;
  • Moderation: if response or comment is on moderation, user is forwarded to login form with hint;
  • Now config for IIS is located in root directory to take for the installation on other web servers than apache.

Bug Fixes

  • Login Plus: Facebook login didn't work properly when UseResponse was installed in folder;
  • Pagination: on some environments pagination on responses list didn't work properly;
  • Mobile Interface: home page was not taken from cache and dropped when visiting next time;
  • Simple theme: popup window couldn't be closed as close icon wasn't visible;
  • Spoiler title in comments or response description was cut if it consisted of more than 1 word;
  • Chat Widget: in IE9 widget didn't open when clicked on text inside widget;
  • Search: fixed bug with no result found if "/" character was used in search field.
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