Share Articles with Users & Roles

UseResponse allows you to share FAQs / articles with anyone and control whether users can view or edit the article.

There are several use cases when it can be used:

  • You've written private article and want to provide access to some limit number of customers using sharing link;
  • Article would need revision of some users to update it without "Manage Knowledge Base" permission;
  • In internal knowledge base you would like to share it with group of users only;
  • Article should be updated with new versions by specific users.

Only administrators and agents with "Manage Knowledge Base" permission can use share option.

How to Share Articles / FAQs?

In order to share article to some users or group of users, you would need to go to article page in agents interface and click on either pin icon in share section to get sharing link or use "Advanced" link to get more options.

If a customer with edit permissions updates article's content, administrator or agent with "Manage Knowledge Base" permission can always restore previous version and revert all changes back.

Note: Edit permissions will be available once Version Control is enabled in Administration » System » Knowledge Base.

Advanced Sharing Options

Use advanced sharing when you would like extended options for specific users or groups of users to have ability update the article or just have view permissions.

Users would get invite to view or update the article when you add them in sharing options.

If you want to collaborate with a group of users, you can simply make a document available for a particular user role by choosing it in Sharing pop-up and all users which belong to this role will have the access to the article. The option is available for Enterprise package with Roles and Groups Management feature.

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