How to Backup & Restore UseResponse?

With automated and semi-automated tools of backup, you will never loose your data corrupted by accident. So we highly recommend for self-hosted users to set it up right after UseResponse is installed.

All cloud plan users have their data protected by our backup servers.

Create Backup - Automated / Manual

The most vulnerable data is database. So automated tools save only backup of your db in /work folder in .sql format. To manage how many backups to store and if backups should be done in automated way, go to Administration » Backup. It could be done only by Administrator.

There are also 2 ways to make manual backups:

  • Using Agents Bar » Administration or right from backups management page in UseResponse;
  • Create sql dump of your database with the help of DB management tools like (PHPMyAdmin, Adminer) or using console.

Apart from database, please keep all your custom data inside /public folder saved somewhere on the server or on your backup storage.


In order for automated backups to work on daily basis, please make sure you have set up Scheduled Jobs correctly.

Restore Environment

In case when you want to just roll back to your previous state of the database and your system is working, just click on Restore icon next to the required record on backups management page of Administration area.

When system is down or you want to restore UseResponse completely on another location do the following actions:

  1. Install fresh copy of UseResponse using installation instructions;
  2. Drop the database of the system;
  3. Import database from your location or from /work folder;
  4. Upload the content of the /public folder and make all folders/subfolders (777 permissions) and files(666 permissions) in them writable using FTP client, Hosting File Manager or console;
  5. Run UseResponse update script using /upgrade in browser (ex. to have the latest structure;
  6. Clean /cache folder;

If your system crashed and you want to restore just db backup stored in /work folder, with FTP client go to work/[backup-date]/instructions.txt where you will find the link to restore only database using your browser.

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