UseResponse 4.0 Beta

Stas Kuzma shared this announcement 2 years ago

We are almost ready for beta testing UseResponse 4.0.  Tomorrow all our interested customers would receive invitations.


You can apply for 4.0 beta, if:

  • You or your company is our current customer;
  • Use software for at least 6 months;
  • Submitted at least 3 ideas in our community.

All tests would be done in our cloud environment. In order to participate in beta, we would need to have dump of your database with blank or current user base that we are going to delete before migrating to test environment of 4.0 cloud account. Please download it to any file sharing service like dropbox and provide us with URL via ticket.

All requests and bugs are accepted via contact form or as a ticket in community. With selected participants we would organize one-on-one online meeting to gather more feedback.

Hope you"ll enjoy new features and get the most out of UseResponse to manage feedback, support customers and manage leads.

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This release is intended only for closed beta for customers who provided most valuable feedback to us during past year. Thank you for your efforts to make product better.


  • Test account is located on our servers - cloud package;
  • Database is taken based on your currently provided one;
  • All user emails are replaced with localhost emails in order for notifications to be not sent. Only agents will receive notifications in it;
  • Outgoing and incoming emails to test are replaced with our default email address that you can check at Administration - Mailing;

What we would like to hear from you:

  • - Overall experience on using system;
  • - Logic of placing the elements and management of topics and tickets;
  • - Global bugs (not small issues that we are already aware of) in the system like fatal errors, saving objects, etc.
  • - Missing global features.

Please submit all requests with selecting 4.0 beta category.

We would be still working on polishing interface and integrate following features during next 2 weeks:

- Knowledge Base categories - extra level of categorization;

- Multi-Forums - UseResponse Worlds;

- Updated admin panel.

In about 1-2 weeks we would send you survey that would finalize our closed period and start of beta public period for all users.

Thank you very much for making with us UseResponse better.


We are switching on public beta for all customers. Expect to get as self-hosted version during next week. Cloud customers would have it upgraded optionally with specific link in Administration area.


Hello, is there any place to see screenshots and new features description of UseResponse 4?




Currently release in private beta and would be pushed live to public beta this month for all customers with active subscription.

All new features and basics are described here. There are tons of improvements and tweaks, as we have been working for 9 months on it.

In order to check our major release, you would need to have active subscription.


Is there already a way to switch to public beta?


Unfortunately, we need 1 more week to push it live, so expect it to get right after holidays.


Here are some of screenshots from 4.0 version