New Live Chat with Messengers in 4.2 Release

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Our support eco system had already live chat solution that was created loooong time ago in 2012 with small improvements  from year to year.

We understood that it's not the experience customers want to get with our previous solution, so we've completely redesigned how great live chat should look like and what it should be combined of.

Meet live chat platform that allows you to support customers not just in widget but in Messengers.

New Interface

Our new approach in providing your customers support involves new look and feel of the chat widget that you can embed into web applications, websites and mobile apps. New chat provides continuous support to your customers, so if they even not authorized, they would get notified either by email or when they get back to website/account.

All requests now are coming from multiple channels including widget that could be customized with predefined colors and used for providing support in:

  • Embeddable widget;
  • Telegram;
  • Viber;
  • Skype;
  • Facebook Messenger.

More messengers to come. Stay tuned.

Handling Chat Requests

Support agents now have unified area for handling chat requests in the backend. Conversations could be assigned to any support agent and in case it's not being replied, operators would get email notification.

Now you know with whom you are talking to, as system identifies customer information on the fly and provides you vast information about him: page location, source of request, browser, IP, country, etc. Agent can reply later to user if instant support is not required and be sure that reply will hit user account in either messenger or email. Never miss your customer again!

Our Plans

We would work dynamically on new features, so expect them to appear from release to release by the end of the summer:

  • Add VK;
  • Create user scenarios;
  • Automation Rules;
  • Integration with Knowledge Base & Help Desk system in UseResponse;
  • Integration with Slack;
  • Custom commands & canned responses.

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Other 4.2 Release Notes

We have also added flexible SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management rules, so now it can be used not just in Help Desk & Ticketing System, but also in Feedback Platform. Now targets could be set based on any custom field. Available only in Enterprise package.

Tons of improvements and bug fixes could be found in release notes

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FB messenger and Skype are added as support channels in live chat solution


Vk is added as support channel

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