New Enterprise Package & New Pricing

Danila Akashau shared this announcement 3 years ago

We are happy to inform you that we've created a new package with special features and services. Moreover, we've been thinking a lot about how could we make billing system more upright and justified both for us and our clients. So, we updated our billing policy to cover from small to corporate business.

New Enterprise Package

As more and more corporate clients started to show their interest in some special features for their systems we’ve decided to create an enterprise plan. 

This plan is focused on experienced users who want to create support eco-system around products and services and get a maximum from it. Enterprise package includes exclusive features and services add to standard packages. It's available both on cloud and self – hosted versions of our solution.

Exclusive Features of For Enterprise Business:

  • Multi-Forums - create separate front-ends for your knowledge base, feedback portal and help desk, or use it for multilingual communities;
  • Multilangual Knowledge Base;
  • SLA Management;
  • Tickets Visibility - work with several teams, department located in different countries or handle requests for several products with convenient way for agents to see only required tickets;
  • Custom Addons Support - available in Enteprise self-hosted package to make your workflow even more custom.

Moreover, you’ll get special services like product training, premium support and other. Full list of features could be found on Pricing page.

Enterprise Pricing

  • Enterprise Cloud - pricing is calculated based on several dependencies: number of agents, customized add-ons etc. Price will range from $50 to $100 for agent.
  • Enterprise Self-Hosted - The price starts from $3000 with an annual upgrade fee of 50% of initial order.

We prepared special pricing for our current customers to migrate from basic cloud or self-hosted packages to enterprise. Contact us to get more information about Enterprise package and special discounted price for your company.

Cloud Pricing Update

Now, cloud users won’t need to pay for extra features. We’ve made an analysis of our customers and found that about 50% of them do not use all the modules of the product. So why pay for the functionality you don’t use?

Now there are no addons - you pay just for the platform that you would like to use: feedback, help desk, knowledge base or live chat. And all the features are included in it except those from enterprise package.

You can purchase any number and combination of platforms you want. For example any platform would cost you $15 per agent/month. If you require 2 platforms like feedback + help desk it would be $30 per agent a month.

Best Deal: purchasing all 4 platforms will cost you only $45 per agent a month instead of $60.

For the clients who are currently using cloud version platforms and terms will be updated during their next billing cycle

Self – Hosted Pricing Update

We spend a lot of time and resources on supporting our self – hosted clients and updating their systems. Apart of that, every hosting environment has specifics. To make support and experience from using system better, we are raising prices on our platforms and addons with recurring yearly. 

Now self – hosted clients will have to pay 30% from initial price annually in order to use system, have support and get fresh updates for their systems.

New Terms of Use

With all the updates mentioned above we also updated terms of use. Whether you are old or new user, you’ll be required to accept updated terms of use while completing your next order.

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We have finally pushed our last release 4.0.10 before major upgrade of all cloud accounts to the 4th line of the product. So be prepared to get best experience from the system to support your customers.

Current customers are more than welcome to apply for new enterprise package.