EU Data Protection & GDPR

In UseResponse we are committed to our customers' data privacy, including compliance with the GDPR and EU Data Protection laws in general. That's why we keep your data safe and host it within the European Union. In some cases, customers can request to be hosted in the USA as we also have data centers there.

UseResponse protects your data by providing several layers of protection:

  • Data Security: we encrypt data over public networks by using SSL by default with prevention from DDoS attacks;
  • Disclose of Stored Data: we disclose any data to third parties when we need to respond to lawful requests from public authorities;
  • Data Hosting Country: Enterprise customers have the option to choose where they would like to be hosted - EU or USA, but by default, all services are located in EU;
  • Access Management: UseResponse provides several layers of encryption features and anti-breach protection plans. We do not access or use customer content for any purpose other than providing, maintaining and improving our services and as otherwise required by law.

As per GDPR requirements, we provided the option for users to have the ability to completely request to remove all the data related to them.

If you need a signed copy between us and your company on Data Processing Agreement, please submit us a request to [email protected] with the company name, address and full name who would sign it on your end.

We would process your request for 24 hours and give you a signed copy of it.

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