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Different categories of users

Declined Peter M. 6 years ago

We are about to replace our user forum withUseResponse.

In our current forum we distinguish three categoriesof users:

  1. User [not visible]
  2. Expert [visible for every reader and user of theforum after the user name]
  3. Support Team Member [visible for every reader anduser of the forum after the user name]

"Expert"is not automatically assigned to a user. When somebody gave valuable advice toother users, we ask this person if they agree to change their user status.

This allows readers and users of the forum to betterestimate the reliability and value of the user post.

Would it be possible to add this functionality toUseResponse? Please find my sketch below:




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It's possible to create different user's roles in Administration - Roles & Groups - New Role (User, Expert, Support Team Member etc.).

If one of the user agrees to become User [Expert], you can change his role in Manage - Users.

Actually there is no such feature in UseResponse as "visibility of user's role". It's more likely a custom module that is available within Enterprise package.

But we'll discuss internally what can we do for you in order to implement your idea.

Peter, thanks a lot for your proposal.

We'll let you know about our thoughts during 24 hours.


The discussion within the team is moved to 5th April. So should review it and let you know our thoughts


Hi, Peter

We've finally discussed your case.

I confirm that this feature can be provided for you as a custom module within Enterprise package.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Liza, that's perfect for us, thanks!

I'm following your release notes. As soon as the function »SLA reports« is implemented, we will start a final evaluation. I hope, we can switch to UR as soon as possible.

Best wishes,


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