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WSRB - Separation of Ideas and Problems Notifications

Completed Lori Tompkins 8 years ago


I search the FAQs but did not see a solution for my question….


We would like to send “Ideas” to “Management”, but we do not want to send “Problems” to “Management”.


Our category names are identical and consistent in all three branches: Ideas, Problems, Tickets.

Example: a category called “Web display” exists in : Ideas, Problems, Tickets.

My” ticket rule”, which I assume applies to all email notifications is failing.

I succeeded in sending “Management” a new “idea”, but other agents got them as well.

“Management” also received a notice of a “Problem.”

The “Subject” designation of the ”Idea” email that an agent receives = New Idea - "The idea title keyed in by User"


Is there a way to send Ideas to a unique individual without creating unique category names for each function (Idea, Problem Ticket)?

If no, this might be a feature request for the next version.

“Ideas” and “Problems” are currently combined under one umbrella called “Topics”.

I have not found a way to only notify a unique person of an Idea, without notifying them of a problem.

Thank you again for all your help.

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Hello Lori,

Thank you for sharing an idea. We'll consider adding it in the next releases.

In fact, there would be automation with triggers and macros that would make it to distribute ideas and problems notifications as ticket rules affect only tickets now.



in Administration - Automation & Notifications you can easily create separate rules for tickets and different type of topics.

More details could be found in the article Automation: How do Triggers Work?.

Kind regards

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