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Subscribe to All Annoucements via Email

Archived Matt L. 4 years ago

You can currently subscribe by email to a specific Annoucement but not for the All Announcements section. You've recently released RSS which is better than nothing, but email would be great to use for release notes and the like.

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Hello, Mathieu,

users can subscribe for all new announcements right from the anouncements page in the community.

They can use email-based feed readers like Mozilla Thunderbird to be notified about all news within the community.

Please refer to the article for more details.

Hope the solution will meet your requirements.


Ideally users wouldn't have to use a feed reader. The email subscribe button is already available on a per announcement basis. Would this be something that is available in the self hosted version ? I guess we could always build a custom module for it.



Custom module could be built for self-hosted version only for enterprise packages.

This option won't be available to Cloud users for sure, as we are not mass mail service

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