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Sub categories

David Registro shared this idea 2 years ago

This is in relation to a previous request:

Sub-categories are an important feature for us also.

We have sub-categories in our wiki, and also something that is common across most support/help pages on other sites.

Because there can be over 40 categories to lump topics/tickets into, it's hard to expect the user to add to the correct one, and then search is a problem also.

What we envision is a client submitting a ticket/topic/idea to a top category , lets say;






These categories should have large icons/images also.

Then we take the ticket/topic, and attach a sub category to it.

So It could live in something like

Creation > Charts


Creation > Connections

This way the user can still choose a category that makes sense when creating, and if they choose to browse existing posts/articles, they can be assured that everything in the 'Charts' category is relevant, as we put it there and maintain it.

Attached are some examples;

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Hello, David,

we do plan to implement the ability to add subcategories and dependent listboxes in contact and feedback forms.

The feature has been added in our roadmap for future releases.

Thank you.


Awesome news, thanks Liza!


Done as a part of Conditional Fields in 5.0 release that was lauchned recently.


oh wow I hope this is going to let me build my dynamic articles.. if so this is going to be awesome


Hi, David,

This is going to let you build dynamic contact or feedback forms as stated in the article.

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