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Can we have category hierarchies? - Group categories or make sub-categories?

Danielle Zhou shared this idea 5 years ago

Because we have so many categories we want to group them or make sub-categories.

For example,

Category family A, then A1, A2, A3...

Category family B, then B1, B2, B3...

Is there a way for that or can we have that feature?

Thanks so much!!!

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Categories are the best way here if you have such amount groups. Could you please specify the page you have problem with, as at first you mention topic categories, and then say, that it's difficult to group articles in categories.

This would be best for us to see the screenshots of the places you have problems with in order to give you any suggestions or improve it


Also, want to mention, it's not an easy task, as system supports only categories as we think that anything could be categorized.

The other side, when you have more than 15 categories, it's hard to navigate them, and sub-categories won't work in all places of the system to display them like it should be, so you need to identify the best approach for your company.

I think, this could be built only with custom module that we can do for your company.

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