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Mentions on comments

Completed Hugo Casanova 8 years ago

Posibility to mentions on comment, for users , agents or admins.

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Thanks for your idea, Hugo.

What will be the application of mentions in your system and how would it help you in providing support? Could you please state 1-2 use cases for that so we better understand why mentions are so important for support agents?


for example, i use this system for focus ideas, and i have many users (development users or agents users), and users (clients users),

so when a new topic will create, maybe i want to shared or ask a question that envolve an other user for feedback until understand or decide what will do with the idea (declined, accepted, etc)..

Sorry for my english, i speask spanish.

here i have 2 images, (in spanish), but this show what iam talking about,

for example

Jinmy want to mention Julio but he cant,

and Julio want to mention Jinmy but he cant

and each mention suppose a notification via mail to the person who was mentioned.

so there are more feedback around an idea.



You can approach this in 2 ways:

  • While adding new idea or ticket, just mark any of your agents to be notified or subscribed at the right side of adding new object form;
  • If you want to notify any user or agent while discussing the topic, under Options click on Set a Reminder and choose the one you want to pay attention to the topic.

So in this case, mentions are not within the logic of the system, as it sends notifications only to subscribers of the topic. Above method will allow you to notify any of the user.

But we'll consider your idea for the next releases.


Hi!, but only when add a new idea, not when the idea was created,

but if you want to init a discuss about the idea, and maybe want to discuss with other members of team,

i think in this feature is required, becouse i use jira for manage my projects , so many times we use the comment and mentions...

please take a time for this feature!

;)! thanks!


In our system, you can use Manage Subscriptions - add users and then add comments.

But as I've noticed - we'll consider "Mentions" feature for the upcoming releases depending on the feedback gathered from community.



glad to announce that mention feature is available in 4.10 release.

Please refer to the article how to Mention Support Agents.

Kind regards

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