How to show average response time and average open ticket time

Lee Roquet shared this idea 3 years ago
In Progress

We are looking at using the ticket system, replacing our current CRM, but I want to know if there are some suggestions on ways to get some standard ticket system reporting options.

  • Average speed of answer (ASA) for ticket/post for team and agent - used for SLA agreements
  • Average ticket/post open time in a time period - average open time, used for SLA agreements
  • Max delay response time for post/ticket in a time period - want to see how long someone waited for a response
  • % of request by type: questions, ideas, problems, thanks, ticket - where is the work coming from

There are a lot more but these would be a good start.

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These features would be a part of Analytics section with lots of information on objects that is planned for UR4. You can check also this topic and subscribe to it


Great news thanks,