Forum Metrics

Geo Lubaton shared this idea 4 years ago
In Progress

Provide several reports for general overview on statistics in community


  1. Topics with reply
  2. Avg Time to First Reply (by user role)

Support Team Efficiency:

  1. # of Topics resolved
  2. Page Views on resolved topics (some % of these are deflected tickets, accepted industry standard is 20-30%)
  3. Self Service % (topics being resolved without need for employee interaction)

Operational Reporting:

  1. Topics by status- how many are un-answered, in progress, etc.
  2. Topics needing attention- having no employee response
  3. Topics by assignee

Engagement Trends over time:

  1. Visitors
  2. Re-visits
  3. Page Views
  4. Active Members
  5. Topics by Created date

Sourcing of Traffic (Page Views):

  1. Search
  2. Direct links
  3. Corporate or Product site
  4. Facebook, e.g.

Comments (7)


Hello Geo,

We've decided to work on Forum metrics for 4.0 release that should be live this year. It would include "Performance" report to estimate how agents handle the requests, and "Objects Overview" about all topics/tickets - details, searches, - full information about objects.

Thank you.


Very important feature to measure the team effectivity! thank you!


Yes, been waiting for some stats as well....In particular the ability to know how often the site is used and how many new tickets are avoiding.


We are in process of integrating forum metrics. Sorry it takes more than expected. Hopefully we would push it live soon.


Just a quick update on Analytics section. In July 2018 we would provide the ability to create any custom report and filter by any parameter to measure Forums metrics, Team Efficiency, etc.

All the above metrics would be possible to calculate and see.


Hi Stas,

any updates to this topic? Measure efficiency, SLA, gamification, analytics? Not heard from you for a long time.



Hi Jens,

We have completed development of Extended Analytics section that is in tested phase with vizualization. It would be included in 5.0 release along with other great features like^

  • Improved Search
  • Updated Agent interface with one inbox for all types of requests
  • Analytics to cover most sections (SLA Breaches, CSAT, Reply time, etc)
  • Product Roadmap (Milestones)

I know it's been a while since we provmised to release it, but decided to move this big feature to big 5.0 release.

BTW, Task management within tickets is on it's way in minor release tomorrow where you can manage tasks within incoming tickets, but not just internal notes :)