Group user tickets in a tab for team viewing

Lee Roquet shared this idea 3 years ago

We have many of our customers who are asking for the ability to see their teams open tickets. It would be great to allow us to link users to a company and then be able to show these grouped users their open tickets for their company. This is a benefit in two ways:

1. This gets the company to own their view of their open items

2. This allows the agents to ask 'I see you and Bob have both called in on this issue, how about we merge these into one ticket and work on this together'

The agent would need to be able to see this as well on the ticket to see all open tickets for a company - this way you can tackle item 2 above.


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Hello, Lee,

ticket is a private object between you and your customer and should be visible only users from sharing list of the ticket.

So we need to organize internal discussion of this feature request and decide whether it complies with our security policy.

I'll keep you informed on our decision.


I agree that the security is a need but I can't remember a case where a company I have supported did not want to see all open issues for their users. Thanks for the consideration.


Need this aswell.

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