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Custom fields for Tickets

Completed Annevar Media, LLC 9 years ago

A couple custom fields in the Help Desk interface would be really handy. I do not know how much work it would be to add these with a custom module, or if it would be beneficial to UseResponse as a core feature.

Ticket Source: Drop down menu with Email, Phone, Other. If a client submits the Ticket, this field would be set to Web. If the Agent is creating the ticket, then he/she would set this themselves.

Internal Notes: Textarea that can only be seen by someone with Agent permissions. This would be handy for, you guessed it, internal notes.

At present an Agent can use the Hidden Text feature in a new comment to the Ticket. But if an Agent wants to add an internal note to a ticket he must add a comment and thus trigger an email to the client.

Of course the other solution to this would be to build a system that allows an Admin to drop in custom fields on different Object types. From reading other Topics it sounds like this is in your plans but I get the feeling that is not something that is happening right away!

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Hi, Ken.

Thanks for your idea. Custom fields has already planned in our roadmap, but not only for tickets, as well as for topics and users.


Custom fields are done in 3.2 release that could be managed for different types of objects in Administration - Properties


How to use custom fields, please refer to our article in knowledge base https://help.useresponse.com/knowledge-base/article/management-of-custom-fields-properties

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