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Better Spamming mechanism

Completed yoav.yeger 6 years ago

For the last months, we have increasing spammers from India/Asia using our feedback board as a way to push SEO links for their services. We constantly delete their posts and ban their users, but they constantly reopen new users. There should be a better fraud detection for using the same photo, IP based and so on... If they were banned before, to make it harder for them to post their links. Thanks

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I would advise you to use automation rules in order to prevent submission of spam topics.

Please refer for more details to the article How to create banned word list?.

Let us know if it works for you or you need any help in setting up the trigger.


Cool thanks, and what does stop on this rule mean? Should it be Yes or No if it should be applied?



if you want the trigger to be the only one to be launched, change it's order to be the highest one and select the option to "Stop on this Rule" in order for lower triggers are not even checked by the system.

In your case it's better to select No for Stop on This Rule.

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