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provide useful error message instead of hiding the Submit button

Gather Feedback Andrew Heard 2 years ago

With the Locus Map (Android app) help system which is based on usersponse.com services, the Submit button is hidden until the Category combobox is changed from default Uncategorized. This is confusing as sometimes no category is relevant. Instead allow the user to click the Submit but then display an error message that a category must be selected or "Please fill in the required fields". The current behavior is inconsistent because the Submit button is still visible when Title or description or Application fields are empty.

Even your own ticketing system Product combobox can be left as the default Uncategorized but the Submit button remains visible.

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At your system you have multistep form thats why Submit button is not visible until steps are completed. Adding Submit button won't make it more user friendly as you need to select category first in order to get next step in the form.

But thanks for pointing out at the process of idea submission.


From a users point of view it is somewhat confusing & as I said, inconsistent with other fields which can be left as defaults. I see no difference between the UserResponse Product combobox (which can be left as default) or the Locus Map https://help.locusmap.eu/topic/add Type of Request or Category comboboxes. I think the behavior is to suit the programmer than the user. So we'll have to agree to disagree. Anyway thanks Stas.

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