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u/g to ur 2.3.10-11 Version requested

Archived Xenek Stoehr 2 years ago

Hi, I was an early supporter, running ur 2.3.8 free on a proof of concept site (never monetized)

I'd like to keep it running but PHP 5.6.40 has bug known fixed in v2.3.10-11

ref Fixed "preg-replace is deprecated" when software is installed on PHP 5.5.x

Could you assist by allowing me to d/l a zip of v2.3.10-11 so I can try extract hotfiles.php (to save me trying to make / fix that compilation of the old ZF 1?

actual error at

Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead' in /home/thementorship/public_html/feedback/application/modules/system/library/Controller/Plugin/CrashReport.php

It would be really kind if you could help me restore it to working order - only as part of an online application portfolio - a historical piece.

best regards,

Xenek Stoehr

Cairns, Australia

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Unfortunetely, we don't support 2.3.10 anymore, as we are on 5.2.1 version, so in order to get it fixed, you need to update subscription and get the latest UseResponse.


Hi Stas, thanks for the reply.

I tried to repair it myself, merged files from 2.3.9, and was able to get the gui working (but clicks to entries resulted in errrors)

I did a clean install, and it worked after a few hours of editing code, but when submitting an entry it would just spin and not actually write anything.

So I've given up and turned it off the old site, the historical value is lowered but I guess I don't have fewer security concerns with it deleted and disabled.

The site was a bit like a portfolio, which also showcases the old useresponse with all the banners, so it would be nice to have - I'm not really after support - it would be nice however if you could make the old version download available in zip as it's probable I can get it to function and restore it to the site. But if you can't, I understand - thanks anyway for what was a great free tool for startups trialling MVPs and prototypes.

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