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Search results should display which Knowledge Base category they belong to

Archived Stebi 9 years ago

When searching within the Knowledge Base you only get a flat list of results, but no information of the category an article belongs to.

An example:

We have a category for each of our products. For each product there are system requirements which are slightly different.

So for each product we add an article "What are the system requirements?" and assign the matching category.

When I now search for system requirements I get a lot of results but cannot see, what program the requirements belong to because the categories are not displayed along with it.

Even when displaying the Knowledge Base article the category is not shown.

This is of course just an example - I could just write "What are the system requirements of..." but it would still be very helpful if the categories would be displayed.

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As of now we recommend naming articles more accurate by stating also specific keyword, but I do understand that in big knowledge base it's a must to get to the information as quickly as possible.

We'll review that idea in the next month


I voted for this idea. As you say, in big KB similar contents in different categories, so it is important to clasify search results in categories too...Thanks

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