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Planned Stefan Thaler 5 years ago

Good Morning,

i hope you understand my english. I'm a enduser of your software because VFM Germany uses your software for a Forum to collect Ideas for the CustomerManagmentProgramm. I write a lot of Ideas but i have the Problem to search for all Ideas. There ist now way to filter the Searchliste after i get the results.

I would like to have all the options to filter after i get the results: status, creater of the idea, Product and so on.

Also the results are no cronological. there ist one 2 years ago, then 2 month, then 3 years and so on.

I have about 500 Ideas an sometime i cant remember what i have done or not. Yesterday it took me about 30 Minutes to search for a Idea because i couldnt remember the right name. If there would have been a filter "status = open" there would have been about 100. But so i searched all the 500.

I understand that the search has to be easy, but in a second step i can filter everywhere i search: Amazon, ebay ......

why not in this Forum?

Thanks for your Answer.

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Hello, Stefan,

thank you for the suggestion.

At the moment only agents have access to advanced search with ability to filter the results by status, by author, search for objects within a certain period of time.

Anyway the results you get are sorted by relevancy not a date that's why you see both the old ideas and updated ones at the top.

We'll take your request into consideration and keep you informed on possible solution.

Thanks again.

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