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quick link to last comment

Under Consideration gynta 7 years ago

Hello guys

Is it possible to see quickly last given comment?

I see: "...● Comments: 34 ● Reply 3 minutes ago by xx"

but WHERE is the comment?

Sometimes the last comment wasn't on the last position.

So, how can i find it quick and easy without scrolling the whole thread?

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Hello Gynta,

If you are support agent in the system, you would get notification on last comment to the email. So it would be with the whole thread. Also, in order to get to the latest added comment, you can use Activity log that can be accessed from left Agent bar - Management - Activity Log.

We do understand, that last comment could be within the thread in the middle, and it's not convenient to look for it, but that's how tree view comments work, so we recommend using methods mentioned above.


...because I'm not able to login to my account in my office.

So why you can't put this link also into the public view?

If it's ok for you, please change this to an idea...


+1 for a good idea...

sorry for nickname but support told me, this was no problem...

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