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Provide a link to the portal URL for an idea in the agent interface

Completed Lyndsay 5 years ago

A common use case for my team is this:

1. I'm in the agent interface (/agent/object/[idea])

2. I want to share a link to the feedback portal URL for an idea with a user that doesn't have access to the agent interface e.g. /topic/[idea]

As it stands I don't see a way to quickly grab a link to the portal URL - I have navigate out to the public portal to get it. Would be great if there were a link directly in the agent interface, perhaps next to the title of the idea.


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Hi Ben,

If you go to idea page in agents interface you can right click on screen icon located at the top-right.

This is universal way to get to frontend and an option to copy the link


Ah - got it. Thank you!

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