Please add logging to LDAP

Heinlein Support shared this idea 4 years ago

It would be very useful to have UR write a log file. We'd be able to track errors that users see in the frontend if they landed in a persistent log file.

One use case that comes to my mind: People complaining that their LDAP login credentials don't work. They get an error in the web interface but we don't have any way to track if a login attempt was successful or not.

Also, I suppose this should not only be interesting for self-hosted UR but also for your cloud installation.

I wish you all the best, keep up good work!

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Thank you for sharing the idea. We'll consider adding it in the next few releases,

I think it would be reasonable to make something like security tab, where extra features would be managed, like internal firewall, baneed users, login attempts in internal system and LDAP or OneLogin.

So it would be better to make this feature as a part of something bigger.