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Option to see idea statistics by company instead of by user

Archived Blair Johnston 2 years ago

Would like the ability to see the statistics for an issue reported by company as well as by user.

Attached a mockup of what I imagine.

Our use-case is we are a B2B company and so many of our idea list voters will be from the same company. The user list is helpful but sometimes companies will have an internal campaign to game the votes for an idea so we'd like to be able see how many discrete organizations are represented in the voting and the proportion each has in that vote.

Right now, the only way to tell is to hover over each name in the list to see the emails (not all use their company email on the wishlist). This is inefficient and approximate.

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Thanks for your idea. We'll plan it for one of the next releases :)


Now you can organize users into teams and check all statistics on that team page.


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