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New License Option ideas..

Archived Chris Bunting 8 years ago

My only qualm with the software is that you get free, with hardly no features, or full blown for $500..

I think it would be nice for solo developers, or small projects to be able to get a license that includes the free features, but also including the Help Desk, Surveys, and maybe live chat for around $100.00 or so..

Or maybe even a rented license for around $10-$15.00 per month or something.

Just a thought,


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Hello Chris,

Thanks for your idea. We don't have plans on other packages of our software, though will consider it to provide as a Service with monthly charging.

Once we are ready for that, we'll let you know.


We are close to testing our Cloud Plan that we are going to launch soon.


Cloud Plan is launched in Beta, so anyone can create trial account with no limitations while we are in Beta. Later pricing would be on per agent / month basis.

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