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Mark Threads to be deleted in the future

Completed Peer Heinlein 6 years ago

We cant to keep all general discussions that might be helpful for users in the future: How to do stuff, how to use software, some explanations about basics and details.

But we also have discussions that will be outdate in the near future:

-Discussion about outages that happen today or happend yesterday

-Bugreports that will be fixed in 2 weeks

-Other discissions that are not "worth" keeping it because they will lower the long-run quality of the article database and which will be "unwanted results" in the search results in the future.

Deleting this articles is bad if there's an ongoing discussion in the thread. Even if an outage is solved, we can not delete the thread, because users maybe went to discuss stuff in relation to that OR they will misunderstand a deletion of the thread and think, that we're not honest and that we try to keep informations about an outage internal and that we're not honest to the public.

My feature request:

A admin/agent should be able to flag a thread as "marked for deletion", which is just an internal flag and not shown to the public.

A cron job should scan all threads that are "marked for deletion" and should delete the thread *if* the last article is more then <n> days old (while <n> is configurable, maybe 14 days by default).

As a result, users can discuss some days or also even some weeks. Once if the discussion is over and the thread is "dead" and nobody as an eye to it any more, it can be deleted silently and automatically...

This feature would be really, really helpful for us. We would use if every day and our database quality would increase very much.

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Hello, Peer,

I would advise you the following solution:

  • in Administration - Fields & Properties you can create private topic field (type "select") with option "Marked for Deletion" e.g. So agents could flag a topic with this value that wouldn't be visible for users;
  • in Administration - Automation & Notifications please build new automation rule as shown below
    According to this trigger, all topics without activity more than 5 days marked for deletion will be moved to trash.

Please let me know if everything is clear or you need our help to set up automation rule.


Hi Liza,

thanks for you very helpful answer. We're still on 3.4.5 for technical reasons. Looks like we need a newer version, that's why we haven't seen this module before. I'll trigger updates for that as fast as possible.

I'm happy that we can solve our needs with UseResonse. Great!


Hello, Peer,

once you upgrade to the latest version, please let us know to [email protected] and we'd be glad to setup the system according to your requirements.

Best regards

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