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Is it possible to resize automatically too big image attached to a query?

Michal Stupka shared this question 21 months ago


our helpdesk deals with mobile app problems and our users often send their screenshots in their original size. With most of recent mobile screens with ultra high resolution the images inserted directly into the query are huge - covering whole PC monitor:

a2404b3fd7b8f293730224678fe8a88eIs it possible to set automatic resizing of such big images or, even better, converting them to some smaller previews that can be unfolded to full size after clicking them?

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You can change the image styling in agent interface by pasting the following code snippet in Manage - External Scripts - Backend Script:

    .content-object-full img, .comment-content-text img {
        max-width: 500px !important;
</style></pre>Let us know if it works for you. 

Regards, Liza

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