Integration with Azure DevOps

Jonathan Dore shared this idea 9 months ago
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Is there any plan to provide an integration with Azure DevOps (VSTS)?

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Hi Jonathan,

Could you please describe your vision of the integration in more details?

What features for integration are required by your organization?


Hello Stas,

My vision of the feature would be to allow agent to create a bug/task in Azure DevOps, based on the ticket that was raised in UseResponse, so directly in the UseResponse platform. The agent, from the UseResponse platform, should be able to see the status of the element that was created in DevOps, but this should not be made visible to the end user who raised the ticket as it is part of the internal process of the company.




Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for the explanation. Let's see if it would be valuable for other members of community.

P.S. We always do custom development of paid basis if something is required urgent for our customers so you can consider this option.