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Improve filtering on dashboard

Completed Henrik Goldman 9 years ago

Looking at competing systems they make it very easy with a single button click to filter messages on the dashboard.

Here are some examples:

https://answers.atlassian.com/ <- Popular Recent Unanswered

http://feedback.uservoice.com/forums/1-general-feedback/filters/hot <- Hot ideas Top New Category Status My feedback

In both cases Popular and Hot ideas seems to be some combination of new + actual visits rather than number of votes. This would be very appreciated as our current dashboard is very static always showing the same.

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This is new type of filtering for us, but Dashboard in 3.1 won't be static and show all topics and tickets that should be paid attention to.

After experimenting with current filtering, we'll try to tweak and improve it taking into consideration mentioned approach


We have put new filter to planned - Hot that will reflect the activity of newly added topics based on commenting and votes.


Since 4.0 version we have integrated "Trending" filter that is a combination of most voted and commeted ideas.

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